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DPS for Continuous Asphalt Mixture Compaction Assessment

National Pooled Fund TPF-5(443)

Continuous Asphalt Mixture Compaction Assessment Using Density Profiling System (DPS) [TPF-5(443)]


The goal of this pooled fund project is to establish a research consortium focused on:

A) further advancing and improving the system based on experience and needs from participants so that the system can effectively and efficiently support their Quality Assurance Programs;
B) support communication;
C) provide training and technical assistance that includes providing support for specification development and strategies for agency full implementation; and
D) conduct technology promotion and marketing for the system.

Participating agencies

Financially Contributing Agencies

  • Federal High Way Administration (FHWA)
  • Georgia DOT
  • Idaho DOT
  • Maryland DOT
  • Maine DOT
  • Minnesota DOT
  • Mississippi DOT
  • Missouri DOT
  • New York DOT
  • North Dakota DOT
  • Ohio DOT
  • Pennsylvania DOT
  • Utah DOT
  • Washington DOT
  • Wisconsin DOT

Technically Contributing Agencies

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nebraska