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Highway 252/I-94 Environmental Review

Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis

About this study

Highway 252/I-94 study area map in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis
Hwy 252/I-94 environmental review location map.
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Hwy 252 and I-94 in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and north Minneapolis are in need of improvements and repairs. Currently, we are seeing a high number of crashes, traffic congestion, and significant barriers for pedestrians and bicyclists in the area. Both roads also are deteriorating and need to be repaired.

Before we make any major improvements to Hwy 252 and I-94, we are working closely with the public, and our federal and local partners to gain a better understanding of safety and transportation needs in the area. As part of this study, we also are taking a closer look at how a potential construction project could affect the environment surrounding Hwy 252 and I-94. This includes the people, plants, animals, water, air, buildings and other structures in the area. Our team will prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) that outlines the potential project’s impact to the surrounding area. This process will take several years due to the magnitude and complexity of the project. During this time, our team will continue engaging with the community and other stakeholders at each step in the process.  

We are currently developing the project’s purpose, needs, geographic limits and evaluation criteria to help guide the study. Once we identify the purpose and needs, our team will develop and study transportation alternatives to determine how they improve transportation and affect the environment.

Public comment periods

The public will be provided an opportunity to review the draft purpose and need, logical termini, and evaluation criteria in Spring 2021. Formal Public Comment periods include: Scoping Document/Draft Scoping Decision Document: Winter 2022, Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Fall 2023.

Traffic noise analysis and noise barriers

Noise levels will be studied as part of the proposed Hwy 252/I-94 project in Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis. Once noise levels are determined, a noise wall proposal will be developed.

For more information about traffic noise analysis and noise barriers, please visit MnDOT’s Noise Webpage.

*Although construction on a potential Hwy 252/I-94 project will not begin until after the environmental review, our crews will continue to carry out minor maintenance and construction activity within the area, as needed.

Hwy 252 and I-94 project schedule

Project schedule
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