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Highway 252/I-94 Environmental Review

Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis

Equity and Health Assessment

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is conducting an Equity and Health Assessment, or EHA, as part of an Environmental Impact Statement for the Hwy 252/I-94 corridor in Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis. This assessment involves historically underserved and overburdened populations in transportation decisions that impact social disparities and the health of people and communities.

The Hwy 252/I-94 EHA is a joint effort between MnDOT’s Office of Sustainability and Public Health, Office of Environmental Stewardship and Metro District.

Public engagement

The Hwy 252/I-94 EHA will include extensive opportunities for public engagement. Check this webpage for updates about upcoming public engagement events.

Targeted public engagement will center around the following questions:

  • How does transportation influence the livability of your community?
  • How does transportation contribute to equity?
  • How does transportation contribute to your health and the health of your community?
  • How do transportation decisions get made that directly impact your neighborhood? How are you involved? How should you be involved?

Equity and Health Neighborhood Advisors

Equity and Health Neighborhood Advisors (EHNA) will guide the Hwy 252/I-94 EHA. This group consists of 12-15 neighborhood residents and business owners along the Hwy 252/I-94 corridor. MnDOT’s goal in selecting EHNA members is to ensure the group is balanced across project area communities and reflective of the region’s demographic diversity. The group will meet an average of once each month between July 2021 and the conclusion of the Hwy 252/I-94 Scoping Decision Document process in 2022. MnDOT and project partners will:  

  • Assess equity and health conditions in the communities impacted by the project;
  • Oversee equity and health engagement activities;
  • Guide targeted outreach to underserved and overburdened populations; and
  • Provide input to MnDOT leadership and elected officials on Hwy 252/I-94 project elements and alternatives.

MnDOT is currently seeking applicants for the EHNA group. Individuals selected to serve on the EHNA group will be compensated for each EHNA meeting attended. Applications are available online in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Somali and are due Sun, July 18, 2021.