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About the measures

MnDOT tracks the total percent of light fixtures using Light Emitting Diodes luminaries, more commonly called LED, on MnDOT-managed roadways.

Recent trends

In 2022, 99.5% of light fixtures used LED luminaries on MnDOT roadways. The percentage of light fixtures using LED luminaries is considered steady at this point, as the transition to LED luminaries is considered complete.

Where we want to go

MnDOT’s statewide goal for LED luminaries in light fixtures was 100% of all MnDOT-managed roadways by 2020. By using more LED luminaries in roadways light fixtures, energy consumption and environmental impacts associated with consumption are reduced. At 100 percent LED use, MnDOT estimates GHG emission reductions of 16,811 metric tons. Additionally, labor associated with LED luminaries is lower than traditional luminaries because the lifespan is nearly seven times longer. Find more information about how and why MnDOT uses LED luminaries.