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2012 Annual Minnesota Transportation Performance Report

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MnDOT has a performance management system that spans its major products, services and priorities. We use clear policies, performance trend data and performance forecasts to guide investments and operational decisions. Our performance measurement:

  • Addresses stakeholders’ desire for accountability and transparency
  • Provides more informed decision-making and solutions to increasing challenges
  • Enhances customer-responsiveness
  • Ensures compliance with legislators' mandates
  • Improves internal management
  • Facilitates refinement of programs and services
  • Sets benchmarks for comparison of results

MnDOT uses performance criteria to guide capital investments and annual operational budgets. Transportation system and agency performance reports are regularly reviewed by MnDOT management. The ongoing measurement and review process assists MnDOT in evaluating the efficiency of service delivery and assessing the effectiveness of program activities. This objective based approach increases transparency, and encourages innovation by keeping the focus on outcomes. Accountability and transparency are a foundation of success for public agencies. The benefit is increased trust. This can help elected officials view MnDOT as a trusted partner and work together on challenging issues. Confidence in agency decision-processes and results is important to legislators considering new investments.