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About the measures

Highway culverts include culverts smaller than a 10-foot span that are under state highway traffic lanes and function to move surface water through a roadway embankment and away from the highway. MnDOT’s statewide target for culvert in poor or severe condition is less than or equal to 10%. Culvert inspections occur regularly with frequency based on the previous condition rating. if the defect is serious, then inspections happen every one to two years. Culverts in good condition are inspected once every six years.

Recent trends

In 2022, 20% of culverts were in poor or severe condition. In prior years, the annual percentages were also above the statewide goal, ranging from 15% to 18%. For inspections, MnDOT completed 87% of culvert inspections on time. In recent years, MnDOT has met its target for 80% or more of culvert inspections to be completed on time.

Where we want to go

Measuring culvert quality on roadways helps the agency plan for areas that need the most improvement. MnDOT proactively performs preventive pavement maintenance activities including patching and crack filling. More information about infrastructure investment planning is available in the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) and the Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan.

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