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Traffic Management System (TMS)

The section contains the specific Traffic Management System Asset features to be collected and associated feature codes, GPS location requirements, and an electronic spreadsheet that includes field names, metadata and example collection data.


The TMS asset class includes the following Features, Feature Codes, and GPS Location Requirements:

Traffic Management Systems Feature Index
Feature Feature Code Collect Location
Fiber Optic Cable - Direct Buried FO Every 50' and change in direction
Fiber Optic Cable in Conduit FOCD Every 50' and change in direction
Communication Cable In Conduit (i.e. Loops, ramp meters, etc.) CCIC Every 50' and change in direction
TMS Power Cable ELIN Every 50' and change in direction
Shelter/Communications Hut SHELTER Structure Cable Entry Point
Fiber Optic Vault CVLT Structure Top Center
RTMC Cabinet TMSCAB Structure Cable Entry Point
Signal Cabinet SIGCAB Structure Cable Entry Point
Lighting Cabinet LTGCAB Structure Cable Entry Point
BD Splice Cabinet TPED Structure Cable Entry Point
Handhole CHH Structure Top Center
Manhole CMH Structure Top Center
Junction Box JB Structure
Dynamic Changeable Message Sign DMS Sign X,Y Center
Ramp Control Signal RCS Pole Roadway Side
Camera CAM Pole Roadway Side
Loop Detector LOOP Handhole Feeding Loop
Non-Intrusive Detector (Wavetronix) NDET Pole Roadway Side
Toll Beacon TB Toll Beacon
MnPass Toll Reader TR Toll Reader
Electrical Service Cabinet EPED Structure Cable Entry Point
Electric Meter EMTR Meter Roadway Side
Transformer TRANS Structure Cable Entry Point
Power Pole EP Pole Roadway Side
Generator GEN Structure Roadway Side
L.P. Tank LPT Structure Roadway Side
Gas Meter GMTR Meter Roadway Side
Gate Arm GA Gate Support
Ped Gate PG Gate Support
Fiber Optic Sign SGNP Sign Roadway Side

Format of Data Collection

The data shall be formatted per TABLE Z (requires Internet Explorer) which is an electronic spreadsheet that includes field names, metadata and example collection data.

Additional Guidelines

Populate an "id" for structures or devices if known and cables collected as points should have a unique "id" per run.

Key Contact

Please email questions and make data requests for TMS to
adam.julson@state.mn.us at 651-234-7082.