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As-Built Deliverable

Lighting Systems Asset Class

Lighting As-built Survey Data Template

Lighting Template standardizes the deliverable format for below Index.

Lighting Feature Collect Index

For cables and conduits, use unique ID per run.


Feature Class

Lighting Features (Code)

Coordinates collect point

Attribute Collect Information

Lighting As-built Survey Data Template

Cables and Conduit

Lighting Power Cable in Conduit (ECIC); Lighting Power Cable (USL)

Once every 50', at edge of pavement for roadway crossings, and at change in direction

1. Plan ID


Electric Meter (EMTR)

At Meter Roadway Side

Light Pole (LP); Power Pole (EP)

At Pole Roadway Side


Lighting Cabinet (LTGCAB); Electrical Service Cabinet (EPED); Junction Box (JB); Transformer (TRANS)

At Structure Cable Entry Point

Lighting Handhole (EHH); Lighting Manhole (EMH)

At Structure Top Center


Legacy TABLE Z format will be accepted until phased out of contracts.