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MnDOT and Consultant Community Collaboration Project

Ongoing collaboration

MnDOT and the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota have worked together to establish a framework that supports the implementation of the strategies from the Consultant Contract Program Collaboration Project and promote a collaborative partnership structure for the future. The following groups have been established to continue ongoing collaboration between ACEC/MN and MnDOT:

ACEC/MN and MnDOT Executive Committee

The MnDOT and ACEC/MN Executive Committee, whose membership includes the MnDOT Commissioner, MnDOT executive staff and the ACEC Executive Leadership Team, is intended to nurture partnership, address common interests and needs, review progress on process improvement, share high-level strategy, and evaluate trends that impact either entity. Meetings are held quarterly. Pat Hughes is the chairperson for ACEC/MN. Questions regarding the MnDOT and ACEC/MN Executive Committee may be directed to hughesp@pbworld.com.

ACEC/MN and MnDOT Collaboration Team

The ACEC/MN and MnDOT Collaboration Team meets every two months to address specific issues. This team serves as the main communication point for the implementation of the Consultant Contract Program Collaboration Project objectives, and any new items for joint consideration. Membership includes the MnDOT (CCCT and appointed ACEC/MN Transportation Committee volunteers. Randy Geerdes is the chairperson for ACEC/MN and Dawn Thompson is the chairperson for MnDOT. Questions regarding the ACEC/MN and MnDOT Collaboration Team may be directed to either chairperson: rgeerdes@srfconsulting.com or

ACEC/MN and MnDOT partnership breakfasts

The MnDOT and ACEC/MN Partnership Breakfasts aim to involve and engage as many consultant community members and MnDOT staff as possible. These informal quarterly meetings will provide information and updates on issues and hot topics, process improvements, specific projects, and statewide initiatives, as well as general announcements from MnDOT and the consultant community. These partnership gatherings are open to all levels of consultants and MnDOT staff. The ACEC/MN–MnDOT annual conference will count as one of these quarterly meetings. Jeff Rhoda is the ACEC/MN key contact and Brad Hamilton is the key contact for MnDOT. Questions regarding the MnDOT and ACEC/MN Partnership Breakfasts may be directed to either key contact: jrhoda@sehinc.com or brad.hamilton@state.mn.us.

ACEC/MN and MnDOT Working Teams

The Collaboration Team has facilitated several collaborative working teams in the past few years. Here are reports and results from completed collaborative working teams: