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Governor's Advisory Council

CAV Advisory Council

In April 2019, Governor Walz issued an executive order (PDF), appointing a Connected and Automated Vehicle Advisory Council to study, assess and prepare for the opportunities and challenges associated with the widespread adoption of CAV and other transportation technologies. The members serve four year terms.

Governor's Advisory Council Annual Report

The Governor's Advisory Council releases reports each year that detail Minnesota's readiness for CAV technology and outlines efforts made in the state over the year to reach CAV goals.

Meet the Advisory Council

Members of the Governor's Advisory Council.

Back row from left: Mark Phillips, Anne O'Connor, Patrick Weldon, Michael Gorman, Amber Backaus, Laurie McGinnis, Former Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Phil Magney, John Hausladen, Mayor Tina Folch, Damien Riehl, Senator Scott Dibble, Vicky Rizzolo, Todd Biewen. Front Row from left: Dan Chen, Robin Hutchinson, Commissioner Alize Roberts-Dais, Representative Connie Bernandy, Joan Willshire, Emily Smoak. [caption]


  • Nancy Daubenberger, Co-Chair - Commissioner, Department of Transportation
  • Amber Bauckhaus - Automobile Dealers Association
  • Dan Chen - 3M
  • Ryan Daniel - St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit
  • Jacob Frey (Represented by Danielle Elkins) - City of Minneapolis
  • Michael Gorman - Split Rock Partners
  • John Hausladen - Minnesota Trucking Association
  • Phil Magney, Co-Chair - VSI Labs
  • Myrna Peterson - Mobility Mania
  • Damien Riehl - Fastcase Legal Research Platform
  • Vicky Rizzolo - American Family Insurance
  • Bret Weiss - WSB
  • Patrick Weldon - Polaris
  • Kyle Shelton - University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies

Ex Officio members

  • Mayor Jason Gadd - League of Minnesota Cities
  • Councilmember Tina Folch - League of Minnesota Cities
  • Commissioner Alice Roberts-Davis - Department of Administration
  • Commissioner Thom Peterson - Department of Agriculture
  • Commissioner Grace Arnold - Department of Commerce
  • Commissioner Steve Grove - Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Commissioner Jan Malcom (Represented by Emily Smoak) - Department of Health
  • Commissioner Jodie Harpstead - Department of Human Services
  • Commissioner Mark Harpstead - Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board
  • Commissioner John Harrington (Represented by Tim Lynaugh) - Department of Public Safety
  • Commissioner Robert Doty - Department of Revenue
  • Commissioner Tarik Tomes - MnIT Services
  • Commissioner Laura Bishop (Represented by Todd Biewen) - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Wayne Sandberg - County Representative of Association of Minnesota Counties
  • David Dively - Executive Director of Minnesota Council on Disability
  • Rep. Connie Bernardy - Majority Party Representative for Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Sen. Scott Newman - Majority Party Representative for Minnesota Senate
  • Sen. Scott Dibble - Minority Party Representative for Minnesota Senate
  • Chairwoman Cathy Chavers - Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
  • Charlie Zelle - Chair, Met Council
  • Rep. Steve Elkins - Minnesota House of Representatives


Executive Order 19-18 (PDF), which established the CAV Advisory Council, outlines several priorities, including:

  • Study, assess and prepare for the opportunities and challenges that CAV may bring.
  • Review CAV developments and trends.
  • Explore partnerships and opportunities.
  • Propose policies to safely test and deploy CAV.
  • Implement recommendations from the 2018 Advisory Council's Executive Report.
  • Prepare and annual report to the governor by Feb. 1, 2020 addressing Council activities and actions needed to ensure Minnesota is advancing CAV.
  • Advise and support the governor, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Safety and local government to support the safe testing and deployment of CAV.



For meeting summaries and materials later than 2022, please contact the CAV Office.

Advisory Council meetings and materials
Date Resources
December 8, 2022
September 28, 2022
June 15, 2022
March 16, 2022