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Reducing carbon pollution from transportation

What we know

Transportation is the #1 source of carbon pollution in MN and the US. Land use patterns and unsafe, inconvenient alternatives make driving alone the most convenient choice for many Minnesotans. Cars in Minnesota are mostly powered by fossil fuels, which emit carbon pollution and other air pollutants.

Why this is important

Temperatures in Minnesota are warmer and heavy rainfall and flooding are more frequent. Scientists predict these trends will increase in the future. Reducing carbon pollution from transportation is important to lessening the impacts of climate change. Cleaner transportation options have the added benefit of improving air quality, which can have a positive impact on health.

What we're doing

Electric vehicle planning

National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) planning, EV data dashboard

Carbon Reduction Program

Carbon Reduction Program funding information and resources

Clean Transportation Fuel Standard

Stakeholder engagement to assess the feasibility of a clean fuels standard in Minnesota

Sustainable Transportation Advisory Council

A citizen advisory group that gives sustainable transportation recommendations to MnDOT