E-ZPass partners

Partnering with private and public transportation organizations is essential to fulfilling the mission of E-ZPass. Partnerships help facilitate broad discussions and enhance the state's transportation system and regional planning.

E-ZPass partners include:


AAA members receive a $20 toll credit upon signing up for a Minnesota E-ZPass account. Learn more about AAA membership.

ABC Ramps

Located in downtown Minneapolis, the ABC Parking Ramps are accessible via eastbound I-394 and I-94. Cars with two or more occupants (HOV 2+/carpools) can drive in the E-ZPass lanes for free and get a discounted monthly contract rate (starting at $20/month) to park in the ABC Ramps. Single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) daily and contract rates are also available. Learn more about ABC Ramps contracts.

Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit

The Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit plays a vital role in advancing and supporting the E-ZPass lanes. Through planning, policy development and project support, the Met Council is helping E-ZPass achieve broader transportation goals.

MnPASS/ZipPass Alliance

Your original MnPASS tag, along with a ZipPass account, works to enter and exit several MSP Airport parking facilities. NOTE: the new E-ZPass Minnesota tags DO NOT WORK at the MSP Airport.

How it works

You must have a valid MnPASS or E-ZPass Minnesota account, a MnPASS tag and a ZipPass account. Having these means you can use your MnPASS tag to raise the gate arm/barrier at several MSP parking facilities.

The E-ZPass and ZipPass accounts are treated as two separate accounts and fees cannot be combined. You must log into the respective account to review parking or E-ZPass reports.

You cannot use your ZipPass to drive in the E-ZPass lanes. If you are caught driving in the E-ZPass lanes during peak hours as a solo driver without a valid E-ZPass tag, you are subject to a citation and fine.

Participating MSP parking facilities

  • Terminal 1─Lindbergh — General and Short-term
  • Terminal 2─Humphrey — General and Short-term
  • Quick Ride Ramp at Terminal 1

Get moving - MnPASS/E-ZPass customers with a MnPASS tag