National E-ZPass network

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National E-ZPass network
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E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection method that makes traveling quicker and more convenient as you travel through participating facilities. The goal is to move more people along busy highways and provide faster, more reliable trips. Minnesota belongs to the E-ZPass Group which is an association of toll agencies providing you with a seamless, accurate method for paying fees at E-ZPass facilities.

Your E-ZPass tag works on all E-ZPass systems throughout the United States eliminating toll plaza stops. The rules for using E-ZPass vary depending on where and when you travel.

Minnesota E-ZPass

In Minnesota, E-ZPass provides a designated lane that transit riders and carpoolers use for free during high-traffic times. Solo drivers pay a fee to use the lane during Minnesota E-ZPass hours which are typically 6-10 a.m. and 3-7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Outside of these hours, Minnesota E-ZPass lanes are free and open to all vehicles. This is different than other states. Most E-ZPass states operate in an HOV/tolling mode all the time.

Using E-ZPass in other states

Each E-ZPass facility has different rules and terms for using the E-ZPass lanes. While you can use any E-ZPass tag on any E-ZPass facility, there are a few key differences:

Minnesota E-ZPass Other E-ZPass facilities
Single occupant vehicles pay a fee during certain hours Usually in tolling mode all the time
Switchable tag: toggle between “single” and “HOV” Fixed tag: always in fee-paying mode
Free for HOV 2+ HOV requirement varies (no HOV discount, HOV 2+, HOV 3+, etc.)
No tag required when HOV 2+ Tag usually required regardless of occupancy
A regular lane outside of tolling hours Always a toll lane
No toll bridges Some toll bridges are E-ZPass, but not all

These are just some of the differences. Before traveling, it’s a good idea to review the E-ZPass rules and regulations of each state or local agency to avoid misunderstandings. For a full list of E-ZPass states, go to click on “About E-ZPass” and then “Where can I use it.”

I-PASS and other E-ZPass customers

Your I-PASS or other state’s E-ZPass tag now works in Minnesota. If you are driving as a solo driver during busy weekday commutes, you can use your I-PASS/E-ZPass tag to drive in the Minnesota E-ZPass lanes.

Other E-ZPASS always in fee-paying mode—you are charged no matter how many people you have in the vehicle. If you are driving in Minnesota as a carpool (HOV 2+), and do not wish to be charged, you either need to remove your tag from your vehicle or register for a switchable Minnesota E-ZPass tag which offers the ability to switch between HOV and single occupant status.

Which tag to use

ezpass Minnesota switchable tag

Minnesota E-ZPass switchable tag

You only need one agency account to experience the convenience of using E-ZPass anywhere it is accepted. We recommend you establish your account with the agency whose facilities you use the most. Many Minnesota customers are finding the new Minnesota E-ZPass tag more flexible for their needs since it can switch between “single occupant” and “HOV.”

Make sure to only have one tag in your vehicle at a time to avoid being double charged for your trip.

ezpass Pennsylvania tag

Other tags are always in fee-paying mode

The old MnPASS switchable and sticker tags continue to work in Minnesota, but only in Minnesota. If you plan on using E-ZPass outside of Minnesota, you should trade your MnPASS tag for a new switchable tag. Keep in mind, it can take up to 48 hours for a new tag to be active out-of-state.

Planning for out-of-state travel

A trip out-of-state, or a change in your driving pattern, may have an impact on your E-ZPass account. Check your account online or contact the Minnesota E-ZPass Customer Service Center to check your available balance to be sure you have adequate funds for your trip. You may also want to make a one-time payment or adjust your replenishment and low balance threshold amount, especially if you are traveling a lot or for longer trips.

Minnesota tolls will post to your Minnesota E-ZPass account within a few hours. Typically, toll transactions from other states are posted to your account within a week, but other agencies have up to 60 days to send and post transactions.

Toll calculators

Some E-ZPass agencies have a toll calculator to help estimate the cost of traveling. This estimation is customizable based on the road you drive, your entry point, your exit point, and the number of axles on your vehicle. Minnesota does not use toll calculators because we use dynamic pricing for our lanes.

Using your E-ZPass tag in a rental vehicle

Your E-ZPass tag can be used in rental vehicles. The rental vehicle should be added to your E-ZPass account while in use to avoid any potential violations. Be sure to immediately remove rental vehicle information from your account when you return it. You may be held responsible for tolls until the rental vehicle is removed from your account.

Many rental vehicles are already equipped with tolling devices. Ask the rental car company to deactivate their device to use your own E-ZPass tag.

Providing a license plate number

License plate numbers are often used to match your vehicle with your E-ZPass account should your tag not be detected or identified as invalid. If the vehicle’s license plate is not registered to your E-ZPass account, you may be invoiced via mail which often includes additional fees.

Pulling a camper or trailer

You can use your E-ZPass tag when pulling a camper or trailer. Some agencies use equipment in the lane to identify that your vehicle is pulling a trailer and you are charged accordingly. Minnesota does not use this equipment or pricing. The price you see when you enter the lane is the price you pay for your trip.