Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Planning and research

The Minnesota Department of Transportation oversees a statewide transportation system, which also includes people who walk.


Minnesota Walks

Minnesota Walks, formerly known as the Statewide Pedestrian System Plan, is a collaborative effort between MnDOT and the Minnesota Department of Health designed to be a shared roadmap for how all Minnesotans can have safe, desirable and convenient places to walk.
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Statewide Pedestrian System Plan

A Statewide Pedestrian System Plan will look to understand ways that MnDOT can make changes so that Minnesota is safer, easier, and more desirable for walking.
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Parklets are innovative and cost-effective ways to add community space to public streets. They serve as streetscape enhancements where people can gather, sit, chat or relax. Parklets can also provide additional outdoor seating for nearby restaurants or places for outdoor programming.
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Planning best practices


Bicycle and pedestrian traffic counts

The Minnesota Pedestrian and Bicyclist Counting Program, started in 2013, set out to build a network of automated people counters (both permanent and portable) to collect non-motorized traffic data, and develop methodology for analyzing, validating, evaluating, and managing it. 
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Minnesota Active Transportation Plan Map

MnDOT has created a database of local active transportation plans that also allows local partners to suggest additional plans to be added.