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I-35, St. Louis Count Road 405

Pavement Design

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Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for pavement projects Tech Memo 10-04-MAT-01 (PDF 55 KB, 5 pp)


Policy and Process for Seasonal Load Limit Starting and Ending Dates Tech Memo 09-09-MAT-02 (PDF 137 KB, 5 pp)


Detour Restoration Road Life Analysis using the Equivalent Overlay Method Tech Memo 13-19-MAT-01 (PDF 154 KB, 5 pp)


Consultant Specification for Soils Investigation & Design Recommendations



Prices for Alternate Bid LCCA Rehabilitation Strategies (Effective Until July 1, 2015) (xlsx, 1 p)


Directions for Use of Alternative Bids for Pavements (Sept 1, 2011) (PDF 90 KB, 3 pp)


Preservation Fixes for Concrete Pavements (Oct. 20, 2011) (PDF 71 KB, 6 pp)


Preservation Fixes for HMA Pavements (Sept. 22, 2011) (PDF 83 KB, 6 pp)


Design and Analysis


Pavement Design Manual


Estimating 10 Ton Route Capacity (PDF 133 KB, 3 pp)


INV 603 Summary Report, Rev 83 (PDF 369 KB, 31 pp)


Spring Load Capacity, TONN Method (PDF 122 KB, 2 pp)