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Building, Bridge Demolition and Relocation


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Managing regulated materials on building and bridge projects


We ensure that asbestos-containing materials and other regulated materials are properly managed, and provide assistance on building and bridge demolition/relocation projects.
Bridge paint removal

An assessment must be completed before any structure is demolished or relocated to determine whether asbestos containing materials or other regulated materials are present.


The appropriate notifications must be submitted to regulatory authorities prior to asbestos abatement, structure demolition or relocation activities, regardless of whether regulated waste or asbestos was discovered during the assessment.

Approved contractors

Only MnDOT approved contractors can be used to complete the structure assessment, asbestos abatement/removal process and oversight. Removed regulated materials must be disposed of or recycled according to MnDOT guidelines.

Asbestos removal

If asbestos containing materials are found through the assessment, they must be properly removed and disposed of.

Special Provisions

Peeling/damaged paint


Transfer of ownership forms

Highway project planning

  • Step 1: Determine if regulated materials need to be addressed for the project. Consult the threshold criteria in the Highway Project Development Process (HPDP) guidelines under subject guidance regulated materials/waste.
  • Step 2: Include relevant language for your project under “Secondary Work Type” in PPMS. Examples include building removal, bridge removal and bridge replacement.