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Mapping Cross-sections

The shapefile, xsection.shp, represents the transect of each stratigraphic cross-section as a line. Each cross-section should be constructed as a single-part feature so that it has only one record in the attribute tables. The shapefile's attribute data are documented in the table below.






Attribute Table Definitions for xsection.shp

Field Name Type Length Precision Scale Values
ID Text 14 14 0 Unique IDs for cross-sections will be in the format Xboringidfrom-boringidto. For example, a cross-section going from boring 11GD01 to boring 11GD11 would have the ID 'X11GD01-11GD11'.
FILE Text 50 0 0

Name of the .PDF file containing the stratigraphic cross-section for this line.

SOURCE Text 60 0 0 Project that is the source of the data. If the project has an S.P. number, enter that here. If not, use a project identifier that will be unique, such as 'Lafayette Bridge.'