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Cultural Resources
Minnesota Department of Transportation


Submitting Transportation Projects for Review

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Requests for project reviews should be submitted by e-mail to culturalresources.dot@state.mn.us.


MnDOT Projects

The Cultural Resources Unit (CRU) reviews both Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and state-funded MnDOT projects. MnDOT project managers should submit the appropriate Early Notification Memorandum to the CRU as early in the project planning process as feasible. Additional subject guidance can be found on the Highway Project Development Process website.


Local FHWA-Funded Projects

Local project managers or sponsors should complete and submit a Request for Historical/Archaeological Review form to the CRU as early in the project planning process as feasible. Additional guidance on local transportation projects can be found on the State Aid for Local Transportation website.


Aggregate/Borrow Pits and Disposal Areas

Contractors providing or disposing of aggregate or borrow material for all FHWA-funded projects and MnDOT state-funded projects should complete and submit a Pit/Disposal Review Request form.


CRIS (Cultural Resources Information System)

The Cultural Resources Information System (CRIS) is the CRU's web-based application for managing and tracking reviews. The system is currently undergoing a second phase of development. When completed, project managers and sponsors will be able to make electronic submittals by entering information directly into the CRIS system on-line. The CRU currently anticipates that CRIS will be available for external users in late 2013.