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Mapping Soil Borings

The shapefile, borings.shp, represents each core location as a point. The shapefile's attribute data are documented in the table below. After field work is completed, Consultants must contact Dr. Elizabeth Hobbs (651-366-3611 or elizabeth.hobbs@state.mn.us) for unique IDs to assign to the boring logs and GIS records.






Attribute Table Definitions for borings.shp

Field Name Type Length Precision Scale Values
ID Text 6 0 0

Unique ID for each soil boring within this survey. ID must be in the format yyXXnn where:

yy is the last two digits of the year the core was taken.

XX is the two letter county code (same code used by SHPO)

nn is a sequence number assigned by MnDOT.

For example, the first boring taken in Goodhue County in 2011 would have the ID '11GD01'.


Text 50 0 0

Name of the .PDF file containing the core profile for this soil boring.

SOURCE Text 60 0 0 Project that is the source of the data. If the project has an S.P. number, enter that here. If not, use a project identifier that will be unique, such as 'Lafayette Bridge.'