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Bid Letting - Post- Letting Requirements
Information and requirements for the bidder who submits the lowest bid at the letting
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"As read" bid totals may contain errors;  values are subject to verification. The low bidder must  furnish some additional information.  Contracts will be awarded within 30 calendar days after the opening of proposals to the lowest responsible bidder.  Mn/DOT notifies the lowest responsible bidder by letter that the bid has been accepted.  Start of work is determined by the contract.

First- time Low Bidders

Complete a financial statement, work experience report and equipment inventory report.  Mn/DOT mails forms as soon as the bidding results are verified. 

Performance/Payment Bond

Low bidders must execute a payment bond equal to the contract amount and a performance bond equal to the contract amount.


Mn/DOT mails performance/payment bonds to low bidders at the time of award. Bonds and the surety or bonding company must be acceptable to Mn/DOT.  View an acceptable performance/payment bond.

Aggregate liability of the bond is equal to:

  • Twice the full amount of the contract for projects less than $5 million
  • Equal to the contract amount for projects greater than $5 million

Consult your insurance agent for assistance in securing these bonds.  Mn/DOT accepts only bonds from companies on the Treasury Department's Listing of Approved Sureties. 


Other Requirements
Low bidders must also meet other requirements before the contract is awarded and approved.  Mn/DOT sends each lowest apparent bidder a packet of information with instructions. 

Verification of workers' compensation insurance is required. Contact your insurance agent or Department of Labor and Industry.

Authorization for Contractor's Representative - Complete and sign 3 copies to designate who can represent the contract in oral and written agreements.

Request to Sublet must be completed for each subcontractor.