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6-28-17, Best Value Letting
Apparent Best Value Adjusted Score Results
I35 W Lake Street Project
170060, 2782-327
Grading, Concrete and Bituminous Surfacing, Retaining and Noise Walls, ADA Improvements,
Signals, Lighting, TMS and Bridge No. 9619, 27700, 27777, 27822, 27841, 27844, 27845, 27851,
27V47, 27V48, 27W01, 27W02, 27W03, 27W04, 27W05, 27W06, 27W07, 27000, 27001, 27838,
27X11, 27X12

75,000/50 In Hennepin County located on: TH 35W from 72 feet S of E 43rd Street to 520 feet E of Chicago Avenue S; TH 94 from Nicollet Avenue S to 70 feet E of Park Avenue S; TH 65 from 168 feet N of E 24th Street to 500 feet S of E 15th Street

6-16-17 Small Business Contract Preference Letting
Apparent Bid Results

170111, 6280-396
In Ramsey County on TH 35E from E Cayuga Street to Maryland Avenue

Cross Cultural Business Resources, LLC    $108,557.46
JL Theis, Inc.                                                    $163,951.00

6-9-17 Letting
1170107, 2706-221, Erickson Builders & Co, Inc. Claimed Veteran’s Preference
170115, 6982-326, Erickson Builders & Co, Inc. Claimed Veteran’s Preference
170116, 8822-206, Morris Sealcoat & Trucking, Inc. Claimed TGB Preference


Payment / performance bond

Low bidders must execute a payment bond equal to the contract amount and a performance bond equal to the contract amount. Bonds and the surety or bonding company must be acceptable to MnDOT. View an acceptable payment/performance bond (PDF). Consult your insurance agent for help in securing these bonds. MnDOT accepts only bonds from companies on the Treasury Department's Listing of Approved Sureties.

Other requirements