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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..
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Notice to Contractors(New):

Effective January 1, 2015, ALL bids must be submitted electronically via Bid Express.



Notice to Contractors - Electronic Plan Room(New):
If you are experiencing issues including accessing, navigating, purchasing of plan sets, downloading or setting up payments please contact Franz Reprographics at support@franzrepro.com or (763)-503-3401.  If assistance is still required after contacting Franz Reprographics or if you would like to leave feedback regarding the E-Plan Room site, please feel free to contact us by email at this link.



Notice to Contractors:
If you plan to bid on any upcoming lettings, you must have an updated digital ID with your SWIFT number.  Contact Nancy Boeve if you have any questions, 651-366-4243.



New Bidders:

Contractors should allow 7-10 days to set up their account with Bid Express and to secure their digital




About Bid Letting
This site has pre-letting and post-letting information about Mn/DOT highway construction and maintenance projects advertised for bids. It is designed for Mn/DOT personnel, contractors and suppliers interested in the highway bidding process.

How to Bid
Mn/DOT has no pre qualification requirements for submitting bids on construction and maintenance projects. 

Ads are published at least three weeks before letting for construction and maintenance projects.

Pre-Letting (Before bid)

Mn/DOT posts information about the bid process on this section of the Web site. Download information and data to bid on the construction and maintenance projects.


Post-Letting (After bid)

Mn/DOT staff reviews bids and, in most cases, awards projects within 30 days. Once Mn/DOT accepts the executed contract and bond, the bid is approved and the contractor can begin work.  Mn/DOT notifies the lowest responsible bidder of contract approval.


Bid Lettings / Bid Results
Mn/DOT holds monthly lettings, usually the fourth Friday of the month.  Bids are due before 9:30 a.m. the day of the letting. Initial bid results are posted on the bid letting Web site.  Initial results are not final until the bid is awarded.

How to find projects for future lettings, vendor lists, Trns*port item lists (English and Metric system), city and county codes and used item list.

How to Find Projects for Future Lettings
Six-month tentative letting schedules provide information on anticipated projects available for letting in the next six months. The letting coordinator regularly updates the schedule. NOTE: This schedule does not include State Aid projects (SAP #s).

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