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Bid Letting - How to bid
Instructions on how to bid for highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers.
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Mn/DOT advertises and solicits bids for construction and maintenance projects in an effort to open the process to all contractors and suppliers and to identify the lowest responsible bidder- the bidder who complies with all prescribed requirements.  This process ensures taxpayers receive the best value for their dollars.


Ways to Bid
Effective March 1, 2011

NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS : All bids over $150,000 must use two-way electronic bidding.

There are two ways to bid on Mn/DOT highway construction and maintenance projects:

1-Two-way Electronic Bidding
2-Hard Copy Bidding



Pre qualification & Qualified Bidders

Mn/DOT has no prequalification requirements for submitting bids on construction projects. 

Only eligible businesses can bid on Mn/DOT projects.  Debarred businesses or persons are ineligible to bid on, subcontract for, or supply materials or services for any state, county, construction, maintenance or municipal project.

Purchasing Plans & Proposals & Plan Holder Lists

Electronic files for our Plans and Proposals will be available in pdf format via Mn/DOT E-Plan Room

Bidders can also review the plan holders list that shows who has ordered plans and proposals for the same project.


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