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Variability Evaluation of Density Profiling Systems' Test Protocol (pdf), Airfield and Highway Pavement: 2023
by Fabricio Leiva and Adriana Vargas

Dielectric Profiling Systems Prepare to Hit the Road, Asphalt Magazine - Spring 2023

Pavement Thickness and Base Layer Effects on Density Profiling System Measurement (pdf), November 2022
by Fabricio Leiva, Surendra Gatiganti, and Anthony Brenes

Continuous Asphalt Compaction Assessment using Density Profiling System (pdf), June 2022
by Fabricio Leiva, Anthony Brenes, Surendra Chowdari, and James Musselman

Minnesota Department of Transportation Case Studies for Coreless Asphalt Pavement Compaction Assessment (pdf), 2020
by Kyle Hoegh, Trevor Steiner, Eyoab Zegeye Teshale, and Shongtao Dai

Ground Penetrating Radar Sensitivity to Marginal Changes in Asphalt Mixture Composition (pdf), 2020
by Eyoab Zegeye Teshale, Kyle Hoegh, Shongtao Dai, Richard Giessel, and Curt Turgeon

Method for Assessment of Modeling Quality for Asphalt Dielectric Constant to Density Calibration (pdf), 2020
by Trevor Steiner; Kyle Hoegh, Ph.D.; Eyoab Zegeye Teshale, Ph.D.; and Shongtao Dai, Ph.D.

Toward Core-Free Pavement Compaction Evaluation: An Innovative Method Relating Asphalt Permittivity to Density (pdf), 2019
by Kyle Hoegh, Roger Roberts, Shongtao Dai and Eyoab Zegeye Teshale

Enhanced Model for Continuous Dielectric-Based Asphalt Compaction Evaluation (pdf), 2018
by Kyle Hoegh, Shongtao Dai, Trevor Steiner, and Lev Khazanovich

Asphalt Pavement Compaction Assessment Using Ground Penetrating Radar-Arrays (pdf), 2017
by Kyle Hoegh and Shongtao Dai

Evaluating Asphalt Concrete Air Void Variation via GPR Antenna Array Data - Elsevier Enhanced Reader (pdf), 2015
by Kyle Hoegh, Lev Khazanovich, Shongtao Dai, and Thomas Yu