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Interlachen Bridge (Bridge L9328)

Interlachen Bridge (Bridge L9328)

Interlachen Bridge

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History and significance

The Interlachen Bridge is a single-span, filled-spandrel, reinforced-concrete arch bridge that carries William Berry Parkway over the Como-Harriet streetcar line. It was designed by William S. Hewitt and completed in 1900. The abutments, wingwalls and spandrel walls are comprised of mortared stone masonry. The Interlachen Bridge is one of the most significant bridges in Minnesota. It is an outstanding example of a reinforced-concrete arch employing the patented Melan reinforcing system. It is also a contributing structure to the Grand Rounds Historic District.


City of Minneapolis (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.93136917, -93.30884091

Bridge features

Bridge L8850

Design and construction of a reinforced-concrete, fill- spandrel, barrel-arch bridge employing the Melan reinforcing system with Classical Revival details.

Bridge L8850

Park setting. The bridge is located in what is now known as William Berry Park, a segment of the Grand Rounds.