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Bridge L8515

Bridge L8515

Bridge L8515

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History and significance

Bridge L8515 is a stone-faced, reinforced-concrete, arch constructed in 1922. The masonry veneer is native gabbro, which is locally known as bluestone. The bridge carries Lewis Street over Tischers Creek in the Duluth neighborhood of Oatmeal Hill. Bridge L8515 is significant as a representative example of a rustic concrete arch with stone veneer.


City of Duluth (St. Louis County)
Latitude, Longitude: 46.82939306, -92.07242791

Bridge features

Bridge L8515

Overall ornamental aesthetic executed in stone as seen through the use native gabbo veneer with craggy stonework, arched form, and decorative coping. Construction of the reinforced-concrete arch with stone veneer was in response to the bridge’s setting within the rural suburban character of the Oatmeal Hill neighborhood in Duluth.