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Bridge L7897

Bridge L7897

Bridge L7897

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History and significance

Bridge L7897 is a single-cell, cast-in-place concrete box culvert carrying Township Road 27 over a branch of Spring Creek in Normania Township in rural Yellow Medicine County. The structure has Classical Revival-inspired, open-balustrade, concrete railings on each side of the roadway. Bridge L7897 was designed by the Yellow Medicine County Highway Department and constructed c.1925. It is significant for its ornamental railing, which is rarely found on remote, rural crossings and typically reserved for larger, urban bridges. Bridge L7897 is located about one-quarter-mile to the west of an identical structure, Bridge L7898, built on the same road in the same year.


Normania Township (Yellow Medicine County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.67446280, -95.84677231

Bridge features

Bridge L7897

Ornamental railing with Classical Revival-inspired endposts and balusters.