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Como Park Stone Arch Bridge (Bridge L5852)

Como Park Masonry Arch Bridge (Bridge L5852)

Como Park Stone Arch Bridge

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History and significance

The Como Park Stone Masonry Bridge is a single-span masonry-arch bridge located over a lagoon in Como Park Golf Course. The bridge, now closed to vehicular traffic, presumably was once part of a carriage route through the park. Built in 1895 by the City of Saint Paul’s Engineering Office, the Como Park Arch Bridge has heavy, rounded, sandstone coping and the spandrel walls curve gently outward at the approaches. The Como Park Masonry Arch Bridge is significant as an example a brick arch structure, which is uncommon in the state. Additionally, the bridge is significant for its high artistic value as represented through its graceful symmetry and Neoclassical flourishes including the elliptical arch, protruding keystone, and pentagonal ring stones. The bridge is the most formally ornamental masonry-arch park bridge in the state.


City of Saint Paul (Ramsey County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.983955, -93.145737

Bridge features

Como Park Stone Arch Bridge

Design and construction of a single-span masonry-arch bridge with brick spandrel walls and sandstone arch ring and coping.

Como Park Stone Arch Bridge

Overall aesthetics and Neoclassical details as defined by the brick spandrel walls, elliptical arch, rock-faced sandstone pentagonal and rectangular arch rings, protruding keystone with dressed margins, sandstone coping, and curved spandrel walls.