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Bridge L5736

Bridge L5736

Bridge L5736

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History and significance

Bridge L5736, constructed c.1923, is a cast-in-place, reinforced-concrete bridge that carries Minnehaha Avenue over Minnehaha Creek. The bridge railings are comprised of reinforced concrete and are ornate in detail with concrete pilasters and elaborate ornamental detailing that is influenced by the Egyptian Revival style. The single-span concrete deck girder features arched fascia girders that give the structure the appearance of a concrete arch bridge.

Bridge L5736 is located within the historic Minnehaha Parkway, a component of the Grand Rounds Historic District. In 1922 the Minneapolis Park Board commenced an extensive improvement program for the Minnehaha Parkway that was funded by city bonds and included Bridge L5736. Bridge L5736 was designed by the Minneapolis City Engineers Office and is significant for its overall design and ornamentation, which reflect aesthetic ideals developing during the early 1920s and signifies the bridge’s prominent location along the Minnehaha Parkway.


City of Minneapolis (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.91615921, -93.24219994

Bridge features

Bridge L5736

Ornamental features as influenced by the Egyptian Revival style as represented through the open concrete balustrade with battered posts and octagonal openings, and battered pilasters.

Bridge L5736

The bridge’s overall aesthetic is a response to its parkway setting along the Minnehaha Parkway, which is located in the Grand Rounds Historic District.