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Bridge L5245

Bridge L5245

Bridge L5245

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History and significance

Constructed c.1900, Bridge L5245 is a pin-connected Pratt pony truss situated in rural Alba Township, about 2 miles east of Brewster, in west-central Jackson County. It spans Okabena Creek in a private field that is not publicly accessible. L5245 was relocated in 1938 to this site off of the state trunk highway system. Bridge L5245 is significant as Minnesota's only known surviving example of a lightweight, laced top-chord truss, a type of engineering construction that was obsolete in the state by 1913.


Alba Township (Jackson County)
Latitude, Longitude: 43.69913271, -95.41540634

Bridge features

Bridge L5245

Design and construction of a steel, single-span,
pin-connected, light-weight, laced top-chord, Pratt pony-truss, the only example of such bridge type in the state.