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Bridge 9612

Bridge 9612

Bridge 9612

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History and significance

Bridge 9612 is a single-span, concrete deck girder bridge constructed in 1962 to carry two lanes of vehicular traffic on Stevens Avenue South over Minnehaha Creek in Hennepin County. The bridge superstructure is comprised of 10 reinforced concrete girders cast integrally with a concrete slab, which serves as the bridge deck. The bridge railings are comprised of mortared stone. The exterior face of the deck girders is veneered with stone masonry, which ties into the railing stone masonry. Parallel concrete wingwalls faced with stone veneer extend from the abutments.

Bridge 9612 is significant for its overall design aesthetic including use of buff-colored stone veneer and arched decorative stone facing of the girder. The bridge’s high artistic value reflects conscious design intent by the engineer in response to its location on Minnehaha Parkway. Additionally, the bridge is a contributing resource to the Grand Rounds Historic District.


City of Minneapolis (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.90860909, -93.27572905

Bridge features

Bridge 9612

Stone masonry railings and stone veneer on bridge headwalls. This feature includes the use of buff-colored stone cut in long, shallow rectangles, coursed in a strong horizontal pattern, with raked mortar joints. The coursing is horizontally straight and does not follow the slight vertical curve of the railing, deck, or the span soffit.

Bridge 9612

Minnehaha Parkway setting. The bridge is located along the Minnehaha Parkway, part of the Grand Rounds Historic District. The bridge’s overall aesthetic is a direct response to the parkway setting.