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Bassett Creek Tunnel (Bridge 94247)

Bassett Creek Tunnel (Bridge 94247)

Bassett Creek Tunnel

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History and significance

Bridge 94247, also known as the Bassett Creek Tunnel, was built c.1890 and is a 100-foot-long section of a 275-foot-long stone-arch culvert that carries Bassett Creek near its outlet to the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. Because this segment passes under the West River Parkway right-of-way, it is subject to bridge inspection. The only visible portion is a stone masonry headwall arch at the culvert outlet, about 75 feet east of West River Parkway. The abutments, arch, and headwall are all comprised of mortared cut sandstone.

Bridge 94247 is owned by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and is a contributing resource to the St. Anthony Falls Historic District.


City of Minneapolis (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.99025, -93.273827

Bridge features

Bassett Creek Tunnel

Stone masonry design and construction: stone headwall and arch ring.

Bassett Creek Tunnel

Arch barrel interior, showing the stone arch construction.