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Hanover Bridge (Bridge 92366)

Hanover Bridge (Bridge 92366)

Hanover Bridge
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History & significance

The Hanover Bridge is a three-span structure consisting of one metal, pin-connected, Pratt through truss main span and two timber approach spans. It was constructed in 1885 to carry traffic across the Crow River and connect Wright and Hennepin Counties, and was converted to a pedestrian walkway in 1965. The Hanover Bridge is considered significant as the second oldest Pratt truss in Minnesota and as a representative example of the truss type.


City of Hanover (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 45.15331033, -93.66194604

Bridge features

Hanover Bridge

Early design and construction of metal, pin-connected Pratt through truss.

Hanover Bridge

Use of wrought iron members in truss construction.