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Bridge 92322

Bridge 92322

Bridge 92322

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History and significance

Bridge 92322 is a single-span, concrete deck girder bridge that carries 12th Avenue South over Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis. Constructed in 1930, the bridge passes through Minnehaha Creek Parkway. The deck girders, slab, abutments, and wingwalls are comprised of cast-in-place reinforced concrete. The structure’s exterior fascia girders have a pronounced arching geometry to give the appearance of an arched structure. The exterior girders and wingwalls are faced with stone masonry veneer.

Bridge 92322 is significant as an excellent example of a concrete girder bridge designed to resemble an arch bridge and for its rustic architectural style with stone veneer in a park setting. The bridge is also a contributing structure to the Grand Rounds Historic District.


City of Minneapolis (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.91270359, -93.25750707

Bridge features

Bridge 92322

Rustic architectural details on a reinforced-concrete, deck girder bridge designed to resemble an arch bridge. The bridge features an overall Rustic stylistic treatment as seen in the wingwalls, arch, buttresses, and railings that are all faced in rough-cut, irregular coursed limestone.

Bridge 92322

Park setting. The bridge is located in Minnehaha Creek Park, a segment of the Grand Rounds Historic District.