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Bridge 9155

Bridge 9155

Bridge 9155

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History and significance

Constructed in 1960, Bridge 9155 is a concrete rigid-frame structure that spans State Highway 5 (West 7th Street) in Hennepin County. The bridge was designed to connect with Bridge 27027 and allow State Highway 5 to pass beneath historic Fort Snelling rather than bisecting the site and severing the fort's physical connection to other parts of the historic property. The bridge is significant as an example of a concrete rigid frame, an uncommon bridge type at the time of construction. It is also an example of the local impact of and response to highway development and the avoidance of impacts to historic and cultural resources.


City of Minneapolis (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.89285614, -93.18312290

Bridge features

Bridge 1955

Design and construction of a rigid frame concrete bridge, which was uncommon in the post-World War II era.

Bridge 9155

Design and construction to avoid impacts to historic and natural resources during post-war highway development period.