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Grafton Bridge (Bridge 5872)

Grafton Bridge (Bridge 5872)

Grafton Bridge

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History and significance

Built in 1939, the Grafton Bridge (Bridge 5872 in Minnesota and Bridge 0017-140.372 in North Dakota) is a two-span Parker through truss that carries State Highway 17 in Walsh County, North Dakota, and Minnesota Trunk Highway 317 in Marshall County, Minnesota, over the Red River of the North. The bridge has two riveted, Parker, through-truss main spans with a structure length of 412 feet. The Parker truss is essentially a Pratt truss with a polygonal top chord and uses fewer materials than the Pratt design.

Bridge 5872 is significant as an important transportation gateway between the two states, largely for agricultural products, and as an excellent and early representative of its type and method of construction in North Dakota.


Marshall County
Latitude, Longitude: 48.413311, -97.137727

Bridge features

Grafton Bridge

Riveted Parker through-truss spans.

Grafton Bridge

Grafton Bridge serving as a gateway between Minnesota and North Dakota.