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Moir Park Bridge (Bridge 27552)

Moir Park Bridge (Bridge 27552)

Moir Park Bridge

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History and significance

The Moir Park Bridge is a three-span, continuous, rigid-frame steel bridge constructed in 1968 to carry West 106th Street over Nine Mile Creek in Bloomington, Hennepin County. It is significant for its high artistic value. The overall form and presence of artistic elements such as the ornamental rail and the curved steel frame structure illustrate the importance of aesthetics in the design of the bridge. Additionally, site considerations such as Nine Mile Creek, the walking trail, and the park setting were considered in the bridge design, demonstrating the importance of harmony with the bridge’s surroundings. Bridge 27552 is also significant as an example of a steel rigid frame, which was an uncommon bridge type during the years 1955 to 1970.


City of Bloomington (Hennepin County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.81192282, -93.30220728

Bridge features

Fort Snelling Tunnel

Overall aesthetics including use of curved and diagonal members demonstrating simple use of materials and form to express aesthetics in harmony with park surroundings, ornamental end posts, curved railings and piers, and angled brackets.

Fort Snelling Tunnel

Design and construction of a rigid frame steel bridge.