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Nymore Bridge (Bridge 2366)

Nymore Bridge (Bridge 2366)

Nymore bridge
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History & significance

The Nymore Bridge is a three-span, reinforced concrete, filled-spandrel, barrel-vault, segmental-arch bridge with "U" abutments that carries a bicycle trail over the Mississippi River in downtown Bemidji. When built in 1917, the bridge carried "Old Highway 2," which connected the city of Bemidji with the village of Nymore. The Nymore Bridge is historically significant as an unaltered, very early, barrel-vault, reinforced-concrete bridge in Minnesota. It is additionally significant for its use of George Cheney’s patented concrete reinforcing system during the period of experimentation in reinforcing materials and systems.


City of Bemidji (Beltrami County)
Latitude, Longitude: 47.46691556, -94.87832867

Bridge features

Nymore bridge

Design and construction of a reinforced-concrete arch that utilizes George M. Cheney's 1906 patent. The bridge employs a metal arch reinforcing system embedded in concrete to reduce surface cracking.

Nymore bridge

Overall Classic Revival aesthetic including raised bush-hammered panels on the spandrel walls, pilasters with raised bush-hammered rectangular panels and starlings,and concrete light standards with bronze brackets and globes.