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Hwy 14 intersection safety improvement

Rochester to Byron

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Hwy 14 and Co. Rd. 3

MnDOT completed construction of a J-turn at Hwy 14 and CR 3 near Byron on June 17.

The J-turn is part of an ongoing effort by MnDOT to improve safety along Hwy 14. MnDOT continues to work with its local partners for long-term safety improvements, as well as short-term improvements as well.

Map of Hwy 14 Intersection Improvement project
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Construction work closed the Hwy 14 medians at Olmsted Co. Rd. 44 and 7th St. NW west of Rochester in July 2022. Not allowing vehicles to cross the roadway helps prevent T-bone crashes. These kinds of crashes often result in serious injuries or death.

MnDOT’s decision to close the two medians is an interim safety measure until an interchange can be built at Co. Rd. 44. MnDOT and Olmsted County are working in partnership on a design and will have plans to guide construction in the coming years. In July, Gov. Tim Walz announced Corridors of Commerce funding that include $60 million for the Highway 14-CR 44 intersection. No announcement has been made yet on a timeline for construction.

Below is a list of the 2022-2023 work to improve safety at Hwy 14 intersections west of Rochester.

Hwy 14 and 7th St. NW

  • The median at 7th St. NW was permanently closed in July 2022.
  • Vehicles are still able to exit and enter, however not cross Hwy 14.

Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 44

  • The median at Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 44 was permanently closed in July 2022.
  • Vehicles still able to exit and enter, however not cross Hwy 14.

Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 3

  • A J-turn was constructed at Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 3 and it opened to traffic June 17, 2023.
  • Vehicles can exit and enter Hwy 14, but are only able to cross the roadway at designated U-turn sections.
  • This change prevents vehicles from going directly across Hwy 14 and it significantly reduces T-bone crashes while still allowing vehicles to cross the roadway.

High-tension cable median barriers

  • High-tension cable median barrier was installed along the Hwy 14 ditch in the spring of 2023.
  • This change will not affect safety at intersections, but can reduce head-on cross-over crashes, which often result in serious injuries or death.

Hwy 14 and Country Club Rd.

  • Closure of Country Club Rd. is planned in the future, but remains open for now. It will be closed once a Country Club Road is connected to Olmsted County Road 5 in Byron.

People with questions or comments should reach out to Mike Dougherty at michael.dougherty@state.mn.us or 507-251-2749.

Future of Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 44

Olmsted County, in partnership with MnDOT, is planning improvements at Co. Rd. 44 and Hwy 14. The project is looking into long-term solutions that improve safety while accommodating future growth. Different interchanges are being analyzed. Information about the development of this project can be found on the Olmsted County project web page. Additional outreach is planned to ensure the public and nearby businesses and residents have information about the project as the work progresses.

Traffic impacts

Lane closures for cable median barrier installation

Starting on April 17, 2023, one lane of Hwy 14 traffic will be closed while the cable median barrier is being installed between Byron and Rochester. Crews will close one lane of traffic along the highway, but will not close eastbound lanes until after 9 a.m. and will remove lane closures on westbound traffic by 4 p.m. each day.