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1. When is my annual NCA due?

2. What forms and supporting documents do I need to submit for my yearly NCA?

3. If I have a change to my business, what supporting documents do I need to submit?

  • Change in ownership or new owners:
    • New owner’s resume and responsibilities
    • Documentation of investment to acquire ownership

  • Change in business description:
    • Submit an updated Business Description

  • New or updated vehicle information (for trucking and construction firms only), new type of vehicle, new serial numbers, or new purchase agreements on equipment:
    • Lease, rental or purchase agreements
    • Insurance documents for the equipment

4. How do I submit changes to my business contact information, such as address, phone, email?

  • You can change your contact information on your NCA form. But if you need to change your contact information in between yearly NCAs, email the Office of Civil Rights with your updated information.

5. Will I receive a reminder to send in my no change affidavit?

  • You will receive a few reminders by email from MnDOT Office of Civil Rights. We strongly recommend, however, that you keep track of when it is due so you don't miss your firm's deadline.

6. Who do I send my completed NCA form and supporting documents to?

7. What happens if I miss the deadline to submit my no change affidavit?

  • Your business will be decertified, and you will be removed from the Minnesota DBE directory. You can appeal a decertification decision through the U.S. Department of Transportation. However, if there is sufficient evidence that your business did not submit all the required no change affidavit information by the yearly deadline, it is unlikely you would win that appeal.

8. Can I become recertified in the DBE program if I was decertified for failing to meet the no change affidavit deadline?

  • Yes. The process to become recertified is the same process as when you became certified originally. You can reapply at any time.

1. How do I add NAICS codes to my DBE certification?

  • Complete and submit the NAICS code expansion form along with the following supporting documents:
    - Documentation of any required licenses if applicable,
    - Copy of insurance in added NAICS code
    - Resume of qualifying owner or employees having expertise in the added NAICS,
    - Contracts that are pending or have been performed, and
    - A list of owned or leased equipment used to perform the work for the NAICS code requested

  • Email your completed expansion code form and supporting documents to CivilRightsCertificationSubmissions.DOT@state.mn.us

2. How do I enter bidder/quoter, payroll, and payment information as a DBE contractor?

  • Log in to AASHTOWare CRL

    Use the AASHTOWare CRL system to electronically enter bidder/quoter, payment and payroll information for MnDOT highway heavy construction projects.

3. What if the prime contractor removes me from a project or reduces my work on a project?

  • Some examples of why businesses get removed (or their work reduced) from a MnDOT project include:
    - routine underrun
    - project-approved change order
    - inability to perform
    - issues between the prime and DBE

  • MnDOT must be notified before any DBE reduction or removal occurs. The DBE firm may have a role in providing information about why the prime would make this request. In that case, a specialist from MnDOT Office of Civil Rights would email you.