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All DBE Business Academy courses and one-on-one meetings will be virtual.

DBE Business Academy

The purpose of the DBE Business Academy is to assist small businesses in identifying the essential core areas necessary to be successful in their business and to win MnDOT work. This multi-level program instructs from the perspective of a business owner. MnDOT contracted with IMO Consulting Group to administer the DBE Business Academy.

The DBE Business Academy focuses on bringing tools and subject matter experts to educate and assist the small business owner in areas such as: bidding MnDOT work, business financials and accounting, business operations, marketing strategies and contract law. The DBE Business Academy includes five areas of focus and each include a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Upon attending courses, DBE’s will be by assigned a mentor and one-on-one meetings will be scheduled to focus in more depth on the DBE’s specific needs as they strive to improve their business.


Winning MnDOT Work

Understand the MnDOT organization, project delivery and components of a successful bid. Learn valuable lessons from MnDOT experts.

  • Beginner: 101. Positioning Your company
  • Intermediate: 201. Preparing the Tools
  • Advanced: 301. A Successful Submittal

Becoming Successful

Gain understanding of the key components of running a business that will assist you throughout every phase of your business, including the transitional phase from the DBE program. Review and identify operational components, strategies and ¬†goals, to create an action plan.  

  • Beginner: 102. Running a Business
  • Intermediate: 202. Implementing Strategies
  • Advanced: 302. Sustainability

Making Money

Learn accounting practices, evaluate financial position, and generate projections for your business. Understand the importance of financial management, diverse accounting methods, and managing risk.

  • Beginner: 103. Accounting Fundamentals, 104. Introduction to Basic QuickBooks
  • Intermediate: 203. Maximizing Profits, 204. Accounting with QuickBooks System
  • Advanced: 303. Making More Money

Staying Out of Trouble

Become familiar with construction industry legal components and ramifications. Gain understanding of business laws, bonds, reducing liabilities and legal components of a MnDOT Contract.

  • Beginner: 105. Prevention
  • Intermediate: 205. Contract Protection
  • Advanced: 305. Construction Law and Contracts

Increasing Business

Understand how to integrate different marketing strategies and concepts including: branding, networking, email marketing, social media, direct communication, among other promotions. Learn how to integrate your goals to create a marketing plan and analyze the value of your strategy to attract new business.

  • Beginner: 106. Value of Marketing
  • Intermediate: 206. Integrating Marketing Strategies
  • Advanced: 306. Action Plan