Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Transportation Data and Analysis

Cartographic maps, GIS data, traffic monitoring programs, and TIS database maintenance

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Traffic Forecasting & Analysis (TFA)

  • Coordinates MnDOT's traffic monitoring and vehicle classification programs to produce average annual daily traffic (AADT) volumes for trunk highways and local roads
  • Provides leadership, methods, training, technical assistance, and quality assurance for 20-year traffic volume and load forecasts prepared by District Offices
  • Assists in special traffic studies and prepares traffic data reports for FHWA's Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

Roadway Data

  • Responsible for MnDOT’s Linear Referencing System (LRS), an integrated database with roadway and selected bridge, accident, traffic, and pavement data
  • Creates and updates Roadlog files with information on location, jurisdiction, functional classification, surface/shoulder type, and width and reference points
  • Maintains Control Section records, Construction Project logs, and the trunk highway Roadway History file that includes profiles of roadway cross sections

Geographic Information & Mapping (GIM)

  • Responsible for preparing and maintaining MnDOT's core cartographic data at a planning level scale of >1:24,000
  • Produces CAD data for the Official State Highway Map, individual maps for Minnesota's 87 counties and 854 cities, and special purpose mapping and graphic services upon request for reports and exhibits
  • Maintains geospatial layers found on MnDOT's Interactive Basemap and provides downloadable data sets that include GIS shapefiles, metadata, and information about transportation features, boundaries, and stream and lake locations.