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Roadway Data

Information about Minnesota's roads from the Transportation Information System database

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Roadway Datatraffic on a highway

The Roadway Data page provides a bounty of data such as locational information, jurisdiction, functional classification, surface type, and reference points; control section records and construction project logs. Information from the trunk highway roadway history file can be generated by request.


The roadway data is subject to ongoing revisions which result in differences in the information presented on reports over time. Several reports are based on the most current data; therefore, the information is subject to change. To allow for consistency, the VMT and Mileage reports on this web page are based on a "snapshot" of the data which is taken during every mid-year. Therefore, the statistics remain constant until another snapshot is taken. The data and statistics presented may vary from the information obtained from other sources.


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Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) - multiple of centerline mileage and number of motorized vehicles that travel past a certain location during a specific period of time

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(Centerline) Miles and Lane Mileage - Centerline Miles is a term for one mile of a single roadway, regardless of the number of lanes. (If a road is divided, mileage is not doubled.) Lane Mileage refers to a multiple of continual driving lanes and centerline mileage. Both types of figures can be organized by city, county, route system, surface type, and functional class

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Construction Project Log - index of all past and present trunk highway construction projects, organized by county and control section

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Trunk Highway Log Point - sequential listing of landmarks one crosses when driving along a trunk highway in the increasing (reference post) direction

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Major FHWA Categories - information regarding the three main ways to classify roadways: NHS, Functional Classification, and Federal Urban/Rural status; also includes data on the legislative and congressional district of each road segment

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National Highway System (NHS) - roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility

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Functional Classification - the process by which all roads are grouped into classes or systems according to the character of service they are intended to provide

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Control Sections, Statutory Routes, and Memorial Routes - divided and designated segments of the state highway road system

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General Reference - TIS Users Manual, lists of cities/counties/townships by county