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Minnesota Crash Mapping Analysis Tool (MnCMAT2)

The (MnCMAT2) software enables the user to analyze crashes based on a large number of crash attributes, including: county, city, township, measure, intersection, and date ranges. The tool also enables the user to produce charts or maps to graphically view crash data and crash locations. Charts can be created by various crash attributes, including: crashes by county, month, day of the week, crash severity, manner of collision, surface conditions, and type of roadway. The software can produce a color map with plotted crashes and a series of charts or reports based on selected crash attributes.

MnCMAT2 contains a rolling 10 year dataset plus current year crash data as reported to Department of Public Safety.

Current data from 1/1/2011-6/30/2021. Crash data last updated on 7/9/2021

The tool is to be used by traffic safety professionals only.

Data issue resolved: There was a data error for crashes prior to 2016 in the following counties: Mahnomen, Marshall, Martin and McLeod. This error is corrected. Please contact Loren Hill with any questions at loren.hill@state.mn.us

Where to send your crash data request

Who are you? How should you get crash data? Who to ask with questions on crash data or software?
City Engineer MnCMAT2 State Aid - mncmat.dot@state.mn.us
County Engineer MnCMAT2 State Aid - mncmat.dot@state.mn.us
Consultant working for city/county MnCMAT2 - sponsored by city/county State Aid - mncmat.dot@state.mn.us
Consultant working on a Request for Proposal (RFP) on MnDOT or local (city/county) projects Through the RFP or RFP Process RFP Administrator
MnDOT Project Manager District Traffic Engineer (DTE) Traffic Engineer contacts
Consultant working for location specific to MnDOT project Request to DTE Traffic Engineer contacts
Consultant working on statewide MnDOT project MnDOT Office of Traffic Engineering (OTE) Nathan Drews (MnDOT OTE)- nathan.drews@state.mn.us
Consultant not working for MnDOT or city/county Request to MnDOT OTE Nathan Drews - nathan.drews@state.mn.us
MnDOT district traffic staff CrashMart Nathan Drews - nathan.drews@state.mn.us
MnCMAT2 State Aid - mncmat.dot@state.mn.us
MnDOT other traffic staff CrashMart or request to OTE Nathan Drews - nathan.drews@state.mn.us
General public (location specific - city street, county road, state highway) Request to city/county/MnDOT OTE

City Engineer/County Engineer

Nathan Drews (MnDOT OTE)- nathan.drews@state.mn.us

General public (behavior related)

Department of Public Safety (DPS)/Office of Traffic Safety (OTS)

Brendan Wright (DPS OTS) - brendan.wright@state.mn.us