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State Aid Trainings

State Aid Trainings

State Aid 101

State Aid

  • Bridge Load Rating, Posting and Permitting Bridges (Powerpoint)
    • Local bridge owners and program administrators will learn how to manage their bridge inventory to be properly load rated and load posted. Gain knowledge of various legal and permit truck loads, and applicable Minnesota and federal weight regulations and laws will be discussed. Learn the why, what and when to load rate local bridges, get related guidance on Minnesota load rating and permitting form submittal requirements, and more.

  • County State Aid Needs (Powerpoint)
    • Learn about county state aid routes and how to make changes to your system, get state aid funds and how to spend that money. Get an overview of what the Screening Board does and what the county engineer’s role is related to Needs.

  • Disaster Recovery (Powerpoint)
    • This high level summary offers information targeted at providing a better understand of the four major funding sources related to disaster relief and the Department of Transportation.

  • DCP Checklist for Local Agency Federal Aid Projects (Powerpoint)
    • Learn the who, what, where, and when of the federal aid process. Get the details of why and how the process was created, procedures and funding, and contacts that will be helpful as you work through your federal aid project.

  • Federal Aid Process for Local Agency Federal Projects (Powerpoint)
    • Get a detailed overview on the four areas of the DCP Checklist – project development, bid procedures, construction and completion. This will provide a guide throughout the life of your project, valuable links to documents and contact information.

  • Municipal State Aid Needs (Powerpoint)
    • A city’s Construction Needs determines 50 percent of their annual apportionment. Learn how to manage your cities Needs and what responsibilities you can do to help State Aid manage the Municipal State Aid System and the annual apportionments.

  • MnCMAT (Powerpoint)
    • Overview of the Minnesota Crash Mapping Analysis Tool (MnCMAT) application. Learn what it is, how to gain access, how it works, and the various outputs that can be generated such as maps, data exports, charts, and reports.

  • Pavement Design Guidance (Powerpoint)
    • Local agency staff are provided guidance and tools to design pavements conforming to State Aid Standards for their roadways. Design of both flexible (HMA) and rigid (PCC) pavements are covered along with recommendations for aggregate surfaced roadways. Pavement design resources are provided including contacts, documents and web links.

  • Pavement Management (Powerpoint)
    • Local agency staff are provided guidance and tools to appropriately assist them in managing their roadway pavements. The basics of pavement management are discussed and minimum elements of a pavement management plan are presented. Pavement management resources are provided including contacts and web links.

  • Pavement Preservation (Powerpoint)
    • Local agency staff are provided guidance and tools to select appropriate strategies for maintenance and preservation of their roadway pavements. Various pavement preservation strategies are presented for both flexible (HMA) and rigid (PCC) pavements. Pavement preservation resources are provided including contacts, documents and web links.

  • Right of Way Acquisition (Powerpoint)
    • Guidance and resources on Right of Way Acquisitions for both state and federal aid projects. Learn the required certifications needed for federal aid projects.

  • Section 4(f) (Powerpoint)
    • Learn the essential concepts of section 4(f). Learn about Section 4(f) properties (parks, recreation areas or historic sites) that are afforded special protection when potentially impacted by a transportation plans.

  • State Aid Construction Process (Powerpoint)
    • A guide to the State Aid Construction Process for both state aid and federal aid projects.

  • State Aid Plan Approval Process (Powerpoint)
    • Learn the requirements to use CSAH and MSAS construction funds, and what you’ll need to do in order to obtain DSAE approval to open bids for your state aid project.

  • State Aid Project Plan Preparation (Powerpoint)
    • A brief overview on creating a State Aid plan for review and approval. This covers reference materials, submittal items needed for plan review and some of the common errors that are found during a review.

  • State Aid Programs (Powerpoint)
    • Learn more about State Aid Programs that are funded with State Transportation Funds, including: Local Bridge Replacement Program, Local Road Improvement Program and Safe Routes to School.

State Aid Finance Training

  • Advances (Powerpoint)
    • Overview of interest free option available to cities and counties for making advances from future year's allocations. This allows local agencies to fund projects that may have been delayed due to funding shortages.

  • CSAH Regular & Municipal Construction (Powerpoint)
    • Guidance on CSAH regular and municipal construction funds.

  • Federal Funding for Agreements (Powerpoint)
    • Types of State Aid agreements and how to request federal fund for them.

  • Federal Fund Exchanges (Powerpoint)
    • Details for local agencies who have selected to receive federal funds and how to trade them with another local agency for state aid funds.

  • FHWA Form (Powerpoint)
    • Instructions for completing the Local Highway Finance Report (Form FHWA 536).

  • Local Agency Bonds - County (Powerpoint)
  • Local Agency Bonds - Municipality (Powerpoint)
    • Procedure for funding a county or city project with local agency bonds, including: how to use your state aid funds to repay the bond, and how to apply it to your project.

  • Local Highway Applications and Vendors (Powerpoint)
    • A complete list of local highway applications and vendors.

  • Project Funding Database (Powerpoint)
    • General overview of the Project Funding Access Database.

  • State Highway Jurisdictional Transfer (Turnback) Program (Powerpoint)
    • Overview of the state’s Jurisdictional Transfer (Turnback) Program.

  • State Aid Payment Request Process (Powerpoint)
    • Learn how to State Aid Payment Request is used by local agencies to request State Aid Funds for construction projects. Get a step-by-step breakdown and instruction of the form.

  • State Transportation Bond Funds (Powerpoint)
    • Guidance and instruction on the four types of State Transportation Bond Funds, including: Disaster Relief, Local Bridge Replacement Program, Local Road Improvement Program and Safe Routes to School Program.

  • Town Bridge/Special Town Bridge (Powerpoint)
    • Overview of the Township Program, including guidance on regular and special town bridge funds.

  • Year-end Unallocated Costs (Powerpoint)
    • Understanding unallocated costs and why they cannot be directly related to a specific road, project or equipment.