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Back to Basics Series: Mix Design

  • April 27 from noon - 1:30 p.m. (Webinar)

Building on an understanding of from the previous three webinars on binder properties, aggregates, and volumetrics, this webinar provides a basic overview of the steps for asphalt mixture design using the Superpave method, including discussion of how recycled material affects mix design considerations.

Members, DOTS, City/County and Public Works Agencies, SAPAs — FREE (Use Code: Design)
Non-Members — $129

For further information and to register, visit https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/8809770227891298818.

Back to Basics Series: Plants

  • May 25 from noon - 1:30 p.m. (Webinar)

When it comes to asphalt mix production, each component of a batch or drum plant can influence the final product produced. This webinar looks at the various components of an asphalt mix production facility, the differences between batch and drum plants, and what can be done to ensure mix quality.

Members, DOTS, City/County and Public Works Agencies, SAPAs — FREE (Use Code: Plants)
Non-Members — $129

For further information and to register, visit https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/6528224226601756162.

Contamination and Regulated Material/Waste Training

  • May 9 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. in Baxter

Contamination - Training will include the process for determining and conducting contamination investigation for construction planning and property acquisition. How to determine the magnitude and extent of contamination problems within the construction zone early within the project development process in order to avoid potential negative impacts to the project during construction and to obtain liability clearance for the purchase of any contaminated properties.

Regulated Materials and Waste – With regard to building and bridge demolition, rehabilitation, and moves; regulated material identification and management. Compliance with applicable environmental regulations, new regulations, practical solutions.

Cost: Free

Space is limited so register early. For further information or to register contact Kelvin Howieson at kelvin.howieson@state.mn.us or 218-828-5707.

Geopak - V8I Corridor Modeling

Participant may use the Geopak - V8I Corridor Modeling application to develop a multilayered 3D Model along a given corridor. Each model incorporates a TIN surface for 3D viewing and for cut cross sections. Corridors may consist of single roadways, divided roadways, and secondary roadways, such as frontage roads. Participant may use the application to demonstrate 3D Models and Cross Sections.

Cost: $600

For more information and to register, see the June Geopak - V8I Corridor Modeling flyer (PDF)

Geometric Design: Applying Flexibility and Risk Management

  • May 9-10, 2017 in Shoreview, MN

Highway designers often face complex trade-offs when developing projects. A "quality" design may be thought of as satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users while balancing the often competing interests of cost, safety, mobility, social and environmental impacts. Applying flexibility and risk management in highway design requires more than simply assembling geometric elements from the available tables, charts and equations of design criteria. This course provides participants with knowledge of the functional basis of critical design criteria to enable informed decisions when applying engineering judgment and flexibility. The course exercises and case studies provide practical applications of current knowledge from research and operational experience of human factors and safety effects for various design elements.

Cost: $400

For more information and to register visit, https://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/training/course_search.aspx?tab=1&typ=1&srt=7&sta=MN&sf=0&course_no=380095.

Integrating Geometric Design & Traffic Control for Improved Safety

  • May 17, 2017 in Shoreview, MN

This course provides an overview of the inter-relationship of geometric design and traffic control device applications. The primary focus of the course concerns interchange areas where lane elimination, lane configurations, and traffic control devices on freeways and expressways may present challenges for both designers and motorists. This course addresses lane balance effects, degree of control (markings) practices, arrows (signs and markings) usage, advance vehicle positioning, short auxiliary lanes, and geometric design influences on signing and marking. This course includes discussion and guidance for meeting driver expectations and the human factors associated with roadway geometry and the application, selection, and placement of traffic control devices. Participants engage in group exercises to strengthen and apply the principles covered in the workshop.

Cost: $310

For more information and to register visit, https://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/training/course_search.aspx?tab=1&typ=1&srt=7&sta=MN&sf=0&course_no=380118.

Roundabout Design Software and MnDOT Design Guidelines

At training, participant may use Chapter 12 of the MnDOT Road Design Manual. Participant may increase functional ability using ARCADY 8.0 and Transoft Solutions TORUS 5.0 design software with analyzing roundabout capacity, with developing layout, and with predicting an alternate outcome of a design modification. The class offers hands-on training in a computer laboratory setting. It includes multiple drafting exercises. Class hosted in Shoreview, MN.

Cost: $800

For more information and view the Roundabout registration flyer (PDF, 395 KB)

Signal and Lighting Certification

This two-day course includes review of contract documents, Gopher State One Call procedures, staking traffic signals, installation of traffic signal and lighting components above and underground, final inspection of electrical systems, activating traffic signals and roadway lighting systems, as-built plans. This course is designed to educate participants on MnDOT standard procedures for traffic signal and lighting system inspection and construction. This class comes with 12 PDH (Professional Development Hours), 16 IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association) credits and 8 MnDLI Electrical/Elevator continuing education credits.

Cost: $350

For more information and to register visit, http://www.dot.state.mn.us/trafficeng/education/Signal_Lighting.html.

Signal and Lighting Recertification

This one-day course includes the latest changes in technology, signal and lighting hardware, specifications and procedures.

Cost: $250

For more information and to register visit, http://www.dot.state.mn.us/trafficeng/education/Signal_Lighting.html.

Sign Maintenance and Management for Local Agencies

This online distance-learning course was created to provide a concise, cohesive set of sign maintenance and management materials to employees of cities, counties, and municipalities. The development of this course stemmed from the realization that no consistent sign training is available locally and that many key maintenance staff are retiring without transferring their knowledge to younger staff. In addition, it is often challenging for maintenance staff to attend workshops and training in person, since their schedules change frequently and are often weather-dependent.

This course will help maintenance staff better understand sign materials, placement, installation, and retroreflectivity, as well as general maintenance and management practices. In addition, students will learn how to use and navigate the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MN MUTCD) and understand new federal requirements related to sign maintenance and management.

The course consists of 10 lessons, each containing a narrated presentation, video clips, and a quiz. Participants can complete the course, which will take about 10 hours, at their own pace.

Course Lessons

  • General overview
  • Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Sign policy
  • Sign materials
  • Safety
  • Sign placement
  • Sign installation
  • Sign retroreflectivity
  • Sign maintenance and management
  • Addressing and street name signs

Cost: $65 ($75 to register for a Continuing Education Credit)

For further details and to register, visit http://www.mnltap.umn.edu/training/topic/traffic/onlinesign/index.html.

Sign Plan Design for At-Grade Intersections

This one-day Signing Plan Design for At-grade Intersections course is designed to enable traffic sign personnel to obtain the basic skills in assembling signing plans for various types of at-grade intersections. Prerequisite: Completion of the Signs 101 Course (offered April 18, 2017) or equivalent experience.

Cost: $100 MnDOT/government employees, $200 non-government

For further details and to register, see the Sign Plan Design for At-Grade Intersections flyer (Word, 50 KB)

Traffic Signal Timing & Coordination

  • May 16-18 from 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Eagan Education Center

Participants will learn how to develop and analyze traffic signal timing and coordination. The class begins with general theory and data collection, and progresses with the development of isolated signal timing and coordinated signal timing plans using Synchro version 9. Basic signal timing calculations and practices are discussed. Timing is developed in a usable form for entry into a controller. The coordination example will follow a recently completed coordination plan, highlighting new techniques and theories. Students will NOT receive a copy of the Synchro software.

Cost: $300 MnDOT/government employees, $400 non-government

For further details and to register, see the Traffic Signal Timing & Coordination flyer (Word, 50 KB)