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Traffic Safety maintains a crash database and provides crash data procurement and analysis. The data is gathered from multiple sources of information and assists in the planning of safety programs and projects. It is important that the data is accurate and timely. There are five basic components in the hazard identification process:

  1. Establish a crash records database and safety objectives
  2. Review the crash records, identify crash frequencies/rates, compare to safety objectives and identify potential problem locations
  3. Develop alternative mitigation strategies
  4. Implement safety projects
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of safety projects through a before/after or other appropriate study.

Crash data requests

Who Are You? How Should You Get Crash Data? Who To Ask With Questions on Crash Data or Software?
City Engineer MnCMAT2 State Aid
County Engineer MnCMAT2 State Aid
Consultant working for City/County MnCMAT2 - sponsored by City/County State Aid
MnDOT Project Manager District Traffic Engineer (DTE) Traffic Engineering Contacts
Consultant working for Location Specific MnDOT Project Request to DTE Traffic Engineering Contacts
Consultant working on Statewide MnDOT Project MnDOT Office of Traffic Engineering (OTE) Nathan Drews
Consultant not working for MnDOT or City/County Request to MnDOT OTE Nathan Drews
Consultant working on a Request for Proposal (RFP) Through the RFP or RFP Process RFP Administrator
MnDOT District Traffic Staff CrashMart Nathan Drews
MnCMAT2 State Aid
MnDOT Other Traffic Staff CrashMart or Request to OTE Nathan Drews
General Public (location specific - city street, county road, state highway) Request to City/County
City Engineer/County Engineer
MnDOT OTE Nathan Drews
General Public (behavior related) Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Brendan Wright

Please allow ample time to process any request. The major limitation is the availability of the data and the resources to fill a request.

All information is prepared annually upon the completion of the Department of Public Safety's Crash Facts.

Resources and information

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