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Enterprise MnDOT Mapping Application

Preview of EMMA screen
Preview of EMMA screen

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The Enterprise MnDOT Mapping Application (EMMA) references the most current version of Linear Referencing System (LRS) data. The LRS is a suite of Esri tools to manage and maintain route location information and roadway characteristic data. The data in this application is updated every weekend keeping current with the latest changes entered into the LRS.

  • EMMA should not be used to determine the begin and end points of a construction project, the Roadway Project Mapping Application (RPMA) should be used for that. RPMA is similar to EMMA but the data only updates once per year to match a federal data submittal called HPMS.
  • Before sharing EMMA data with someone especially within MnDOT please make sure that the receiver has converted their own data to be compatible with the new LRS measures.
  • The new LRS system was re-calibrated so the Route-Ids and measures do not match those of the old Transportation Information System (TIS) or the former GIS BaseMap product.  Do not mix data that was generated using either of these old systems with data coming from the new LRS/EMMA.  Logpoint & Videolog are examples of applications still using the old TIS measures.
  • EMMA is supported in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.



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