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Regional industry cluster and transportation infrastructure study underway (11/1/13)

New major project draft guidance is enhanced to encourage evaluation of public-private partnerships (11/1/13)

Transportation project stakeholders consider return on investment (11/1/13)

Alternative finance efforts revisiting public-private partnerships at safety rest areas (11/1/13)

New law establishes office to facilitate public-private partnerships (7/1/13)

Transportation Economic Development program grants awarded (7/1/13)

Legislative session leaves many transportation challenges ahead (7/1/13)

P3s vs. privatization: a brief overview (7/1/13)

Welcome to the Alternative Transportation Finance newsletter! (3/29/13)

Transportation Economic Development (TED) Program Solicitation Now Open (3/29/13)

MnDOT project to lay groundwork for P3 financing (3/29/13)

Minnesota Moving Ahead: Report and Recommendations of the Transportation Finance Advisory Committee (TFAC) (3/29/13)