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I-35, I-535, Hwy 53 Twin Ports Interchange


About this project

This map shows the location of Twin Ports Interchange improvements in Duluth, which include the reconstruction of the I-35/I-535/Hwy 53 and I-535/Garfield Avenue interchanges, and reconstruction of Hwy 53 to Old Piedmont Ave.
* The I-35/I-535/Hwy 53 Interchange Reconstruction (Component 1) and the Hwy 53 Reconstruction (Component 2) are currently funded with an estimated total project cost of $299 million. The I-535/Garfield Avenue Reconstruction (Component 3) is not currently funded. However, MnDOT is working to reduce project-wide costs, and is seeking other funding sources while designing Component 3 so Component 3 can, potentially, be constructed with Components 1 and 2.

This project will enhance safety by eliminating blind merges and left exits, replace aging infrastructure, and better accommodate freight movements through the interchanges next to the Clure Public Terminal.

Summary of work

Replace 35 bridges and reconstruct I-35/I-535/Hwy 53 interchange to improve safety by:

  • Providing a new conventional design
  • Relocating all exits and entrances to the right side of the roadway
  • Improving merging sight distance and eliminating merge conflicts
  • Eliminating weaving problems near the interchange
  • Providing lane continuity for through I-35 traffic

Freight connection


Current interchange at I-35, I-535 and Hwy 53

This project will provide direct access for overweight permitted loads.

  • Interchange traffic count:
    • Average annual daily traffic – 80,000
    • Heavy commercial average annual daily traffic – 5,320
  • Provides first- and last-mile connection to the Clure Public Terminal, an intermodal facility with highway, rail and waterway freight connections

Traffic impacts

  • Ramp closure detours
  • Lane restrictions on I-35

Project update meetings