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Connected and Automated Vehicles

Policy work

Strategic plan

Minnesota is currently developing a CAV strategic plan that will address short term goals (testing and early deployments) and long term strategies that will address how to design and operate our roadways for CAV technology.  The CAV plan is expected to be completed in early 2019. 

Executive order 18-04
Establishing the Governor’s advisory council on connected and automated vehicles

This executive order (PDF) establishes an advisory council, interagency team and directs state government to establish guidelines and programs for the testing, development, and deployment of Connected and Automated Vehicles. 
A report to the Minnesota Legislature will be completed by December 1, 2018.

Guidestar Board of Directors

Minnesota Guidestar Board of Directors provides a mechanism for government, academia, and private industry to discuss trends and strategic planning of CAV and other ITS technologies.  This group meets quarterly in the Twin Cities Metro Area.