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What is ITS?
Intelligent Transportation Systems or ITS is the application of advanced technology to solve transportation problems. ITS supports the movement of people, goods, and services.


What is Minnesota Guidestar?
Minnesota Guidestar is the state's ITS program.


What is Minnesota ITS Architecture?
Minnesota's ITS Architecture provides a framework for planning, defining, and integrating ITS throughout Minnesota. An updated Volume 9: ITS Initiatives and Project Concepts for Implementation is available below:

Welcome to Minnesota Guidestar  

Minnesota Guidestar is managed by the MnDOT Office of Traffic, Safety and Technology in conjunction with numerous public, private and academic partners to conduct Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS research, operational tests and deployment projects. Read more about Minnesota Guidestar.




Since its inception in 1991, Minnesota Guidestar has performed a broad range of ITS activities to assist in advancing ITS technology and programs to help achieve statewide and local transportation objectives. This success has been possible because Minnesota Guidestar has developed a strong partnership between the public sector, the private sector and academia, that have produced innovative and unique Minnesota Guidestar projects.



ITS Section Annual Report

The ITS Section Annual Report underscores the many activities of the MnDOT ITS Section. The annual report also includes some history of how the ITS Section came into existence as well as some history of ITS funding within Mn/DOT.



ITS Marketing Communications Plan

The ITS Marketing Communications Plan provides a framework and establishes a process to help the MN Guidestar, its Board of Directors and ITS Minnesota further capitalize on the goals and strategies outlined in the MN Guidestar Board Strategic Plan and the ITS Minnesota Annual Report.



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